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After well over 20 years online selling millions of dollars in products, speaking to over 50,000 fellow marketers and finding out what they want and need, we have created a SYSTEM that anyone can follow. 

We have broken down the essentials of a winning program into 5 parts to ensure your success.  Let's go over them as they apply to DoTheSame.com (DTS) and to your financial future.

What's the formula in a nutshell?

We will cover that below but essentially DTS combines maximum 100% commission, instant pay (member-to-member), hot "in demand" products and a management team with an A+ BBB rating that specializes in the networking industry.  You'd be hard pressed to find anything that can touch the DTS rocket.

Let's go over the core components in the system that DTS has in store for you...

The best way to explain leverage is show how linear income relates to leveraged income Linear income is where everything revolves around you to generate income.  It's essentially trading time for money.  You work an hour and get paid for an hour.  However, if you stop working, your income stops. You will never get rich doing this.  The wealthy understand that they must leverage their money and resources so that they generate passive returns with little to no effort from them. 

One of the primary reasons that most people opening their own business is to take advantage of leverage through the efforts of other people.  This is called leveraged income.  You set up income "vehicles" that generate a positive cash flow regardless if you work.  This is true wealth.  DTS is an incredible financial system that can get you to your financial goals with minimal people but maximum results

Of course, some people will tell you that you can do fine with just going to school and getting a degree.  I agree that a college degree is wonderful and a great start in the right direction.  If you have the chance to get a reputable college degree in a niche that's in demand, you are that much farther ahead of most others.  However, the sobering reality is that even with a degree, it has been shown through multiple studies that people will totally change their careers many times. 

So what's my point?  My point is to not stay content with your situation because it's not a matter of "IF" the shoe will drop, it's "WHEN" and you better be ready.

I don’t have to tell everyone that over the past few years, the economy has not been doing very well and millions of Americans have been hit very hard.  The statistics are terrible…

Over the last few years, Americans had a negative savings rate.  This is the first time this has happened since the great depression.  43% of Americans spend more money than they take in. 

Over 1.4 million people in the US filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and it shows no sign of decreasing.
The average family has $8000 credit card debt
Record numbers of mortgages are under water and going into foreclosure
Gas and food prices are going up
Government debt is at multiple trillions of dollars and not going down any time soon

Turbo Cycler addresses the one universally accepted product line that's in real need which is education.  We have hundreds of hours of video and audio courses on dozens of niche topics to help anyone! And NO this is not your average "reseller rights library" full of garbage just to be able to tell you we have a product! This is a REVOLUTIONARY NEW concept in online education and learning with topics that cover pretty much ALL interests!

Here is a list of some of the courses and approximate running times.  Click here

Why not look at an entire 90 minute course? We call the "The Fear Webinar". Overcoming Fear to achieve your goals. Click Here *Click on Select Desired Date, then>  "Watch Yesterday's Webinar Replay Now"

Education is priceless!  Education in your business but also a broad education.  The DTS product line is perfectly suited to capitalize on this niche.  Our product line had dozens of topics and over 100 hours of education that you can use and sell.  Click here for a partial list of courses. 

DTS applies the principle of acceleration by maximizing your income in a few ways.   The first is that the product line is digital in nature.  We don't have to manufacture, box, package, ship, postage or manpower to supply these products which saves roughly 20%-30% of normal company product cost. This is then applied to the compensation plan in the form of huge sales commissions to you yet not sacrificing the value and quality of the product.  Brilliant!

The second way is the DTS incredible direct pay system that perfectly calculates all sales.   I tells everyone who to pay and how much as well as directing where to send payments.   DTS does NOT collect  payments and then pay out commission as traditional companies have done forever.  Needing to have all payments go through the company and then payout out commissions has many steps along the way which has associated business costs such as admin and merchant fees.  They take away approximately 5% to as much as 10% possible commissions to you.  These fees have long been viewed as necessary.  Not any longer!  

Through our direct pay system, all purchases are split as people join.  The new member/product purchaser has one part which pays the company admin/lease fee and the other portion goes to the member who is to be paid. It's clean, efficient and most importantly, it accelerates your income by putting all the associated fees into the compensation plan thus increasing your income with every sale.  It also means that you get paid FAST!  The speed of payment depends on how you collect payments.  If you are being paid electronically, you get paid instantly.  If paid through the mail with cash, check or other offline method then it will take a few days.  Either way, it's much better than waiting 30-45 days as with similar traditional businesses. 

Here is the DTS compensation plan in a nutshell.  Find two sales that catch the vision and teach then to Do The Same.  Duplicate that as many times as you can and everyone makes very serious money.  It's the old adage "Take a penny and double it every day and before you know it, you are a millionaire".  No one is saying that you will be a millionaire with DTS.  However it's the principle of duplication that is key.  If everyone can grasp that simple equation of getting two who duplicate... the sky is the limit.  As people duplicate, all sorts of other factors start to happen such as spill-over from above and below and members following their team leadership to migrate up to the elevated tiers of participation ($1,000 level).

As mentioned in the duplication section of the L.E.A.D.S. acronym, the DTS method is it so simple.  We have broken it down so that anyone can visualize achieving their goals in small bit-sized pieces so that anyone can... DO THE SAME! 

Check out the compensation plan video below for details on how it works.  The video is for illustration purposes of the method.  We will go over the actual potential dollar amounts below.

Here is an example of the income potential that is in store for you with DTS...

Everyone starts at the $500 product purchase level.  You get your webinar credits listed in your back office.  Your initial goal is to find two who duplicate. You may have to find four or five to get those two.  That's fine as it is just part of the process (POTB).  But let's say for sake-of-argument, you get those two people.

As they find their two, you will get paid $500 for each sale that lands on your second level which are any of positions 3, 4, 5 or 6.  There is no waiting to fill the matrix before you get paid!

You have made $2,000 ($500 X 4).

You now cycle and take the first open position under your inviter in their current matrix.  Your take $500 from the $2,000 you just earned to re-enter and pay for a new block of product (educational webinars).

Key point:  Now you take a leadership role.  As you bring in your new members, teach them to retain at least one sale ($500) on the first cycle to use for re-entry.  On the second cycle, teach them to use the funds to upgrade and leverage themselves to the $1,000 level.

You will earn $1,000 per position at the $1,000 level for a total of $4,000 per cycle. You can upgrade further to $2,000 level and bring your downline to upgrade to this level. Here You will earn $2,000 per position at the $2,000 level for a total of $8,000 per cycle.  Now that's what we call serious money.  It is entirely possible for those that catch the vision to achieve big money.

Key point:  Red to the black.  It takes just finding one who find one to break even.